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2014 Statehouse Briefings

  • Statehouse Briefing - December 4, 2014
      House and Senate Override Veto of Voluminous FOIA Request Legislation, Compromise Ridesharing Legislation Approved by General Assembly, Same Day Voter Registration Extended, Smart Grid Program Extended, Minimum Wage Increase Thwarted, and 2015 Legislative Session Calendar Released.
  • Statehouse Briefing - November 21, 2014
      IML-Supported FOIA Reforms to Be Considered in Senate; Senate Approves Fire Department Staffing Bill; Tap-On Fee Legislation Does Not Advance; Ridesharing Legislation Stalls as Compromise Legislation Sought; Minimum Wage Increase Poised for Senate Vote
  • Statehouse Briefing - November 17, 2014
      Fire Department Minimum Manning/Staffing Action Alert, Responsible Bidder Legislation May Be Considered, Closely Monitoring Water and Sewer Tap-On Legislation, General Assembly to Attempt Veto Override of Ridesharing Legislation, Fate of Minimum Wage Vote Uncertain, Income Tax Rates Unlikely to Be Addressed.
  • Governor Quinn Signs IML's LGDF Prompt Payment Bill Into Law
      In a tremendous win for cities and counties, a long fought for IML initiative was signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn on August 26 as P.A. 98-1052.
  • Statehouse Briefing - June 3, 2014
      This Briefing contains an overview of key legislation that advanced in the final days of spring session, updates on important legislation that did not advance, and other issues that may resurface or need work during the Fall Veto Session.
  • Statehouse Briefing - May 23, 2014
      Budget Uncertainty Reigns; House Committee Approves Fire Service Consolidation Option; Responsible Bidder Amendment Filed; Tow Rotation List Amendment Filed; Ticket "Quota" Prohibition Approved by Both Chambers; Attorneys' Fees in Administrative Adjudications; Pension Fairness Coalition Responds to Senator Link Pension Proposal; and IML Tracked Bills
  • Statehouse Briefing - May 16, 2014
      House Approves Spending Bills, Income Tax Debate and LGDF, Judge Delays Implementation of Pension Reform Law, Speaker Madigan Pushes Minimum Wage Referendum, Fire Service Legislation, Ticket "Quota" Legislation Reaches Final Passage Stage in House, IML Launches "Press Room", and IML Tracked Bills.
  • Statehouse Briefing - May 9, 2014
      IML Testifies Against Elimination of LGDF and Use Tax Revenue Sharing, Amendment Advances to Halt Certain Automatic Transfers - Includes LGDF, Legislation Prohibiting Police Evaluation Criteria Advances, Attorneys' Fees in Administrative Adjudication Actions, IML Participates in Minimum Manning Meeting, Key Legislative Deadlines, and IML Tracked Bills.
  • Statehouse Briefing - May 2, 2014
      Governor Open to Discussing Increased LGDF Share, IML Lobby Day a Success, Mayors Hold Pension Reform Press Conference, and Key Legislative Dates.
  • Statehouse Briefing - April 14, 2014
      IML Lobby Day, Firefighter Legislation Continues to Advance, Bills Passed Out of House and Senate, and IML Tracked Legislation.
  • Statehouse Briefing - April 4, 2014
      House Approves Budget-Busting Minimum Manning Bill, Legislation Abolishing the IMRF "13th Check" Stalls, Chicago Pension Reform Sputters, Bills of Municipal Interest, and IML Tracked Legislation.
  • Statehouse Briefing - April 1, 2014
      IML Action Alert: Minimum Manning Unfunded Mandate, Loss of Municipal Control to Pursue Alternative Fire Protection Coverage, Regional Fire Protection Agency Act Legislation Could Receive Vote This Week, and State Prohibition on Local Law Enforcement Performance Measures.
  • Statehouse Briefing - March 28, 2014
      Budget Address, Tax Issues at Center Stage, IML Opposed Fire Legislation Remains on House and Senate Floors, and Bills Out of House and Senate Committees During Deadline Week.
  • Statehouse Briefing - March 26, 2014
      An overview of Governor Quinn's Budget Address to the Illinois General Assembly on March 26, 2014. This address covered the big picture of the Governor's budget proposal.
  • Statehouse Briefing - March 25, 2014
      Minimum Manning Bill Could Be Called This Week, Regional Fire Protection Agency Act Legislation Could Receive a Vote This Week, Attorneys' Fees in Administrative Appeals Scheduled for Committee Hearing, and Committee May Look to Eliminate Crime-Free Housing Authority.
  • Statehouse Briefing - March 21, 2014
      This Statehouse Briefing provides an update on what occurred during the past week. House and Senate Committees considered several bills. Some of the bills that affect municipal government are included.
  • Statehouse Briefing - March 7, 2014
      Legislators Back in Their Districts Campaigning Ahead of March 18th Primary, House Committee Approves Bargaining Mandate for Minimum Manning, No Movement on Regional Fire Protection Agency Act This Week, Referendum Requirement for Cessation of Fire Facility Operation and Maintenance, Municipal Zoning Authority Over School Property, Expanded Eligibility for Workers' Compensation Benefits, and FOIA: Severance and Settlement Agreements.
  • Statehouse Briefing - March 4, 2014
      Regional Fire Protection Agency, Minimum Manning Mandatory Subject of Collective Bargaining, Attorneys' Fees in Administrative Appeals, Recalculation of Erroneous Pension Benefits, Maintenance of E-mail System, Extension of Workers' Compensation Benefits Following Remarriage, "Hazardous Tree" Exemption Under Prevailing Wage Act, and Required Notice for Police and Fire Pension Board Meetings.
  • Statehouse Briefing - February 28, 2014
      IML Testifies Against Ill-Conceived Fire Consolidation Scheme, Legislation Interfering in Local Bargaining Dispute to Receive Amendment, House and Senate Agree to Budgetary Spending Cap, Bill Reducing LGDF Not Moving Yet, Employer Costs for Administrative Review Appeals, Collective Bargaining Transparency, and IML Tracked Bills.
  • Statehouse Briefing - February 21, 2014
      Budget Maneuvering, Early Threats to Local Revenue Emerge, Labor Union Seeking to Strip Authority from Election Officials Over Fire Department Staffing and Operations, IML Bill Tracking, and IML Action Alerts.
  • Statehouse Briefing - February 18, 2014
      General Assembly Back in Springfield, Budget Address, and Cullerton Announces Budget Hole.
  • Statehouse Briefing - February 6, 2014
      Budget Address Delayed, Differences Emerge on FY2015 State Revenue Estimates, House Republicans Propose End to "Lame Duck" Session, General Assembly Deadlines, and IML Lobby Day.