Oppose LGDF Reductions

In Governor Rauner's recent state budget address it was proposed that the municipal share of state income taxes (known as LGDF, the Local Government Distributive Fund) be cut in half.

Make your opposition to these cuts heard by sending a pre-drafted email. This email will be automatically sent to the Governor and each state senator and representative in your area, with a copy also going to the four legislative leaders and yourself. A hard copy addressed to the Governor can also be printed for postal mailing if your computer has Adobe Reader or a compatible program installed on it.

To complete this process, please fill in your name, email address, select the municipality you live in (from the drop down box) then click the Send Email button. If you have Adobe Reader or a compatible program on your computer the letter addressed to the Governor will appear after a few seconds. Please print, sign and mail this letter to the Governor to let him know that you are opposed to this budget cut.

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